Cooperative Purchasing


Dalton Fire District (MA) purchased this Spartan/Toyne Rescue Pumper through HGACBuy.

 Whether your Department is looking to buy a tanker, pumper, aerial device, or even a mini pumper; Shakerley Fire Truck Sales and Toyne Fire Apparatus can help you purchase the vehicle of your choice without the burden of the typical bidding process.

What is Cooperative Purchasing?

The action taken when two or more entities combine their requirements to obtain advantages of volume purchases, including administrative savings and other benefits.

A variety of arrangements, whereby two or more public procurement entities (or agencies) purchase from the same supplier or multiple suppliers using a single Invitation for Bids (IFB) or Request for Proposals (RFP).

Cooperative procurement efforts may result in contracts that other entities may “piggyback.”

Why Cooperative Purchasing?

Choosing Cooperative Purchasing can greatly speed up the apparatus procurment process.

By speeding up the process, it may lead to quicker delivery times, and possibly save money by avoiding price increases.

Saving time. Instead of spending months herding different vendors trying to get everyone on the same page, you can work with your vendor of choice, ensuring your vehicle is what your needs require.

Toyne holds a contract on HGACBuy offering their full line of products to suit your departments unique requirments.

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