Toyne custom fire trucks and emergency vehicles combine top-tier materials and technology with expert craftsmanship and a commitment to meeting each of our clients' exact needs. As one of the leading U.S. fire apparatus manufacturers, we are the answer to the industry's need for a product of superior quality. Have no doubt, Toyne fire apparatus are built to take the call.

Backed by a history of quality and dependability, your calling is our commitment at Toyne. We take great pride in every piece, every process and every product that we send into service in neighborhoods across the nation. When lives are on the line, you can be confident that our fire apparatus are up to the ultimate test.


Accessibility is everything when lives are on the line and our Pumper fire apparatus flawlessly combine easy access with streamlined design. Innovative pump placement sets our Pumpers apart in the industry, and top, rear and side mount options allow our engineers the flexibility to meet your department's specific needs.

Adding to the prowess of our Pumper fire trucks are three different choices of pumps from Waterous, Hale and Darley, each designed for maximum power to knock flames out and keep them down.


We designed our Toyne Tanker fire apparatus for optimum maneuverability with a large carrying capacity, while also being capable of being operated by a small number of trained personnel. With a range of 2,000–4,000 gallon capacities, we’ll help you select the ideal size for your department. This fire truck body is constructed of stainless steel. We stand behind all of our quality products and this Toyne apparatus type is no exception. All of our poly tanks are backed with a lifetime warranty. 

Rescues and Aerials

A step above the rest, our Aerial ladders provide flexibility and safety in every situation. From straight-stick aerials and aerial platform trucks to quint fire apparatus, each of these fire apparatus comes equipped with the exact size and style of ladder your department needs. With high tip loads and innovative safety features, Toyne aerial fire trucks, quint fire trucks, and straight-stick and platform aerials are reliable in high-pressure situations. Whether you need to reach a roof or want high hose support, these ladder trucks provide a solid, dependable wheelbase.

Whether your firefighters need an emergency vehicle for standard, trench rescue, heavy rescue truck, or your emergency response department requires an air and light, special services, or command vehicle, Toyne will manufacture a Rescue truck to your exact specifications with the space required to fulfill the job at hand. Even if the focus is a special operation such as HAZMAT or bomb squad, your Toyne Rescue truck will ensure you’re prepared for the mission.