The Shakerley Standard

Everyone in the Fire Service is saying the same thing throughout the country; "we have to do more with less". Just because you may pay less doesn't mean you should get less.

Shakerley Fire Truck Sales is offering Pre-Engineered units built with the most popular options and the same "Toyne Tailored" quality you have come to expect.

These are not bare bones stock or demo units. These units are built for each customer with top of the line options, options we at Shakerley Fire Trucks put on our own vehicles; the "Shakerley Standard".

At Shakerley Fire Truck Sales we believe that every unit purchased and delivered should be battle ready to the "Shakerley Standard". Make the "Shakerley Standard" your standard. 

Starting at $360,000.00 this fully equipped Toyne Stainless Steel commercial pumper offers the most popular options requested from our customers. No additional charges for shelving, foam system, or equipment mounting; its all in the price.

Shakerley Standard Commercial Pumper Flyer

 S.S. Commercial Side Mount Spec Package

 Financing and Pre-Payment Options available.

Contact your local S.F.T.S sales representative for complete specifications and available options.