New Orders and News!


A second Toyne for the Trout Creek Fire Department

We would like to thank the Trout Creek Fire Department for their purchase of one (1) commercial pumper. We are grateful for their continued support of S.F.T.S. and Toyne Fire Apparatus. Unit was sold by Mark Mclinethan.




A second Toyne for Brier Hill Fire Department!

Brier Hill has placed their order for one (1) Toyne Stainless Steel Commercial Pumper. The unit will be built on a Freightliner M2-106 chassis with a DD8 engine, a Hale 1250 GPM Top Mounted Pump, Foam Pro 1600 Series "A" foam system, 1800 gallon UPF Tank, and much more.

This is Brier Hill's 5th apparatus they have purchased from VRS/Shakerley Fire Truck Sales over the last 25 years. We are most appreciative of their continued support not of only our business but that of the Shakerley Family.

Unit was sold by Nate Shakerley and will be delivered February 2021.



We would like to thank the Jonesville Fire District for placing their order for Two (2) Toyne Stainless Steel Custom Pumpers. These will be built on Spartan Gladiator chassis's equipped with a Hale Q-Max 1500 GPM pump, and a 750 gallon UPF tank. Units where sold by Nate Shakerley.

With delivery early October 2020 the Oak Hill-Durham Vol. Fire Co. (NY) will take delivery of a new Toyne Stainless Steel pumper on a Freightliner M2-112 series chassis. Many thanks to the members of Oak Hill-Durham for choosing Toyne and Shakerley Fire Truck Sales. Unit was sold by our Greene County Sales Rep Rodney Pulver.